Friday, May 31, 2013

A Letter to Casey Anthony: RIP Caylee

Hey Casey! How's it going? I'm back by popular demand. Most likely you would have preferred I stayed away. Have you missed me? Yes, I know I said after my 10th article written about you that I was done with you but things have changed.

You are similar to the gift that keeps on giving, but nobody wants. You know that holiday fruitcake that gets passed around from person to person? That's you, but without a smile or an expression of gratitude. More of a grunt and a "oh no, not that again!" Yep, that explains it.

Every time I hear your name on the local news I shake my head. Headline News: Casey burped, farted or blinked! Ugh. Even though you are in hiding you are still a pest! The media feels compelled to constantly share with it's viewers your every movement. We don't care! Do you think you could possibly be considerate and make them aware of this? You don't know what considerate means? I'll help explain... Considerate: Careful not to cause inconvenience or hurt to others. I appreciate you taking care of the media for us. Oh, that word also... Appreciate: Recognize the full worth of. Be grateful. "Can we move on now?" Huh? "With my letter?" DUH!
My tribute to Caylee's birthday was my final chapter with the Anthony family saga but Jeff Ashton's book release made me rethink my decision. Yes, we are permitted to change our minds. I'm just being honest. Oh wait a second, you might not be familiar with that word...I'll help you out! Honest: free from fraud or deception / legitimate, truthful. Do you comprehend the word now? I didn't think so.
The infamous tattoo ... "The Beautiful Life"   
Jeff Ashton's book about your trial is selling well. People are still curious about you. Why wouldn't they be? You are unique (using that term very lightly). Have you read the book "Imperfect Justice" yet? I haven't. The book supposedly contains Jeff's opinions and the prosecutions facts from the trial. I have a difficult time accepting that since the majority of the facts were based on you and from you. Seriously? That's a bunch of hogwash! Data from Jose Baez was used? You've got to be joking! He was your lawyer and I beg to differ on anything he had to say! Enough about him. Back to the book.

I'm sure the book is entertaining. I don't want entertaining. I want hardcore facts. I'm sure you heard of the saying..."state the facts Jack" or in your case, Casey! Facts: something that has really occurred. I will read the book one day, when I find it at a yard sale for a buck or two. I stand by my word that I will not support anyone making money from Caylee's death. Most of all you or your family members.
So while you were reading the book...I'm assuming you had the first copy right off the presses and I'll risk the "never assume because you make an ass out of me and you" remark...did you smirk and say, "you missed the mark Jeff, you could have had me but you were a tad bit off?" No disrespect to Jeff Ashton at all.
He was the lead prosecutor and I think he did a swell job. It is what it is.

Have you thanked the jurors yet? Well you should! Stop your slacking and do something unselfish! Oops there's another word you don't understand. Unselfish: Willing to put the needs or wishes of others before one's own. You do realize at this point that the jurors are also your victims, correct? They made their decision. I will not insult or criticize them. What's happened has happened and can't be undone.
Do you intend to watch the Lifetime movie based on the book? Oh I bet you are! Well heck girl the movie is about you and we all know how much you enjoy the limelight! You will be irate that you aren't starring in the movie and most likely you will judge and critique every scene but oh well, you really don't have control of everything! OH MY! Not having things go your way is a downer, isn't it!? I wonder if the actress who portrays you will also have hissy fits and stomp her feet in anger as you so often did during your trial. Yep, those antics are guaranteed since she will be portraying you!

So what have you been up to? How's life treating you? Anything new and exciting? Have you got a job yet? Oh forget it, no need to answer...who cares! Do you miss Caylee? Do you think of Caylee? Whatever, your response is insignificant. Insignificant: Too small or unimportant to be worth consideration. Need I say more?

Have you considered telling the truth yet? Yes, (shaking my head) I thought you might need help understanding this word. Truth: conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement. Hold up! One word at a time! Reality: state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. I never imagined I'd have to explain so many words to you. You did graduate high school, correct? Oh that's right you didn't. Moving on now....I realize the word reality can be tricky since some of us would like to escape reality once in a while and then there are some of us who have no idea what reality is. So are we on the same page again? You're welcome for the definitions.
Now back to telling the truth... oh geez girl how could you already forget the meaning, see answer above! OK now can we carry on? Have you considered "telling the truth?" About what happened to Caylee...DUH!! What planet are you from? Umm this is earth, last time I checked. Give it a rest, you already tried the insanity plea you failed with flying colors...your face was many shades of red when that plan backfired in court. Yes, we witnessed your many mood swings. A vision that I'm glad is finally gone from my mind. Kinda.

In a nutshell I'm actually kind of surprised of the hatred people still feel towards you.
It hasn't fizzled a bit. Anytime your name is mentioned I continue to notice facial expressions tense up, voices get stern and opinions are flaring!
You are still disliked in so many ways. It's actually sad. Don't get me wrong you don't have my pity. Caylee does.
One final question...why the tattoo? Bella Vita? Oh just forget that will just fabricate another lie.

This is the last time, I didn't expect my letter to turn into a vocabulary lesson. Lie: is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement. Has your nose stopped growing yet?

Who knows maybe we'll talk again one day. Have you considered being more sociable? Why do you act like there's a chip on your shoulder? Silly girl that's not a chip, it's karma and you can't toss it away.


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