Monday, November 19, 2012

Casey Anthony - Circus Trial Of The Decade

Dear Casey: An offer from a porno magazine? You go girl! You must also be honored with the rumor that TMZ has offered you a movie deal! Yes, the same media maniacs that attempted to aide Octomom when everyone else turned their back on her. Actually she like you are free reality TV. Who in their right mind would buy a book with your name on it or watch a movie written about your lies? You were declared a pathological liar, why would you bother telling the truth now? Forget about the millions of dollars you'll possibly benefit from the death of Caylee. Ask OJ he'll tell you. Society doesn't support killers who get away with murder.

Wow Casey your beautiful life isn't what it turned out to be. You might want to consider a new tattoo. Baby Killer, maybe? You might be out of prison soon BUT you will always be living as a prisoner. Cosmetic surgery and/or a name change won't even help you. In the eyes of society you will always be GUILTY as sin. Society will never, ever, ever let you forget that you took Caylee's life. Whether accidental or intentional, murder is murder. Taking your child's life is the ultimate sin. A wise comic once said, regarding his children, "I brought you into this world and I can take you out." The comic is Bill Cosby and it was a JOKE not meant to be taken LITERALLY! I do hope you get yourself FIXED since you obviously shouldn't bring another child into your life, motherhood isn't for everyone. Any woman can have a baby BUT it takes a real woman to be a mother.

You will need employment but I would refrain from applying for a nanny position chances are you don't have the correct credentials. You most likely could use Universal Studios as a reference, you did work there...right?! According to news reports and media frenzy Orlando doesn't want you here....I suggest a swift move to Alaska. There is a woman who resides there whom we all hope stays there. I betcha she would welcome you, but please stay away from her innocent children!

I also want to inform you that I've decided to take back my life, I among millions of others wish Caylee could say the same. I've allowed you to consume my life and take up room and board in my head for long enough. I am an addict and will soon be entering Circus Of The Decade Rehab. I no longer have to endure watching Jose Baez defend you. You are a disgrace to all mothers and Bozo is a disgrace to the Justice System. You are a very popular woman these days and not for the right reasons. You have many haters which is not an honor in any way, shape or form. You are in the same category as OJ Simpson, that's harsh. You will never be forgotten and always known as a baby killer. You added twelve more victims to your list on July 5th when the jury found you NOT GUILTY but you are NOT INNOCENT so please never forget that. Your latest twelve victims will have to live with their decision for the remainder of their lives. Yes they had to follow the guidelines of the law. They were performing their civic duty. They rushed out of the courthouse and back to their comfort of their homes and families in Pinellas County. They left Orange County and the rest of the world dumbfounded, in shock and awe of their verdict. Chances are once they began to watch the news and search the internet their impressions of you being a good mother have changed. Chances are they wish they could take their verdict back. They can't. There is no double jeopardy. But your turn will come when you least expect it. Ask OJ, he'll tell you all about it.

I have written a few articles since this trial began and this one might be my final one. I hope you get to read them all one day, type hubpages into the search engine not chloroform or chlorophyll. They are further proof as to how consumed I am with your trial. I consider at times about getting into your head and trying to figure out how you tick but I decided against that due to fear of never coming back to reality. You are history in the making and not at all in a triumphantly way.

As a resident of Orlando I've been following Caylee's story since the day I heard on the news your mother say, "the car smells like a dead body." My heart ached for Cindy, George and Lee. I wondered how could any mother kill their child? You aren't the first mother to cause harm and bring death to their child and unfortunately you will not be the last. Your saga hit home for me for one the time of that infamous 911 phone call I was holding my one year old granddaughter in my arms. For that instant I placed myself in Cindy's shoes and I felt her pain, her anguish, her sadness. Her entire world was turned upside down and will never be right side up again. Her beautiful Caylee was gone forever! Oh my I can't imagine being in Cindy's shoes. But I can imagine that if you were my daughter I never would have allowed 31 days to pass before I set eyes on my granddaughter. I would have hunted you down like a wild animal until my granddaughter was in my sight and in my arms. I'm not judging Cindy in any way. She is who she is and I am who I am. It was from that day and 911 call I knew you were guilty.

I didn't just jump on the bandwagon. I followed "Case Against Casey" for three years. I wondered what in the world is taking so long to get to trial? After watching your defense team during the trial I understand now. Jose Baez is doing the best that he can to defend you BUT how in the world could you allow him to throw your family under the bus? How could you allow him to accuse your father of molesting you? I can see that you have the reigns and control your team and that you had a say in those outlandish accusations! How could you allow them to even presume that Lee could possible be Caylee's father. How could you just sit at the defense table and not show any remorse? How dare you even laugh when others in the courtroom laugh. You DO NOT have that right! It's because of YOU and only YOU that your family's life will forever be changed for the worse. It's because of YOU I have to constantly listen to Nancy Grace!!! Ok I could change the channel but she makes sense some of the time.

I followed the trial on Twitter. Facebook. Blogs. Because of you I've made some wonderful new friends. Because of you I'm being followed on Twitter and Facebook by Mark NeJame. Thank you for that! I watch the media coverage...Casey you are on ALL MAJOR AND CABLE NETWORKS but none of it is for a good reason. I hear via friends that they spotted your parents around town going grocery shopping, restaurants and the movies. I admire George and Cindy and give them an abundant amount of credit for not hiding out. They have been chewed up, spit out and chewed up again but they keep on ticking. Kudos to them.

I wonder what you think when you are alone in your cell. Do you speak to Caylee? Do you remember the moment when you took her young, innocent life away from her? Was it worth it Casey? Do you wish you can take back what you did to her? Do you miss Caylee? Do you have any regrets. It's okay you don't have to answer. I don't care anymore. I'm washing my hands of you just like George washed his hands of you in front of millions of viewers during the trial. You are being kicked to the curb! You are outta here! Get the hint yet? It's your families choice to ever speak to you again. Most families have some dysfunctional tendencies, the Anthony's are no different with the exception of you. I do hope you finally tell your family the truth. This is all based on the assumption that your family ever speaks to you again. They have lost the apple of their eye. Their granddaughter was placed in a bag and thrown away like trash, not even gently placed. She was tossed over the underbrush because someone was too lazy to walk around it. It's not everyday that a defense lawyer (aka Bozo) tells a nation that a father inserted his penis in his daughter's mouth at night and then she went to school the next day as if nothing happened. That is hard to forgive. Family or not. Dysfunctional or not. Your family has a long road ahead of them.

As my final note I'd like to add....YOU did not win. The DEFENSE did not win. The PROSECUTION did not win. Nobody WON. Justice for Caylee was not served. We will never forget Caylee. Just like we never forget all the children whose lives are cut short whether by a parent or a stranger. You have to live with what you have done. We as a society can move on and continue to live the beautiful life. You my dear....KARMA........ask OJ. Hasta la vista baby!

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