Monday, October 29, 2012

Casey Anthony Case: Guilty until proven innocent

The jurors for the Casey Anthony trial said "Not Guilty," but all who followed the case know she's guilty as sin...

As a longtime resident of Orlando it truly frustrates me that after three years Casey Anthony has still not been tried for her crime. It's not like she's a celebrity such as OJ Simpson! Sure they are in jury deliberations at the moment but that's turning into a circus. How can anyone honestly say that they can be an impartial juror? Seriously, what cave have they been dwelling in for the past 3 years?

The taxpayers are paying for her trial, room and board and I for one have had enough. I'd rather use the money wisely such as for new SEWER systems. It seems like it was just yesterday that the news broke in Orlando about Caylee Anthony being missing. It didn't take long for all the lies from Casey to begin. Within days the angered protesters began picketing in front of the Anthony family home....yelling and screaming profanities at George and Cindy.

It was total humiliation for the folks of Orlando. We among millions of other caring people worldwide yearned for Caylee's safe return.

On one hand you have a selfish, self-centered young "mother" who only wanted to party. On the other hand were the Grandparents. I felt for the grandparents. I imagined myself being in that horrible dilemma and I would never have allowed that spectacle to happen. Yes I know we can't say what we'll do unless we walk in someones shoes BUT I beg to differ in this situation. Being a grandmother made it really hit home for me. I felt their pain, anguish and confusion. On one hand their precious granddaughter, who they worshipped with all their heart is missing. On the other hand their daughter, was being questioned for Caylee's disappearance.

The drama began to unfold when Cindy Anthony phoned the police to report her granddaughter missing. Then she reported that the car smelled like a dead body was in there! It was at this time that she realized she placed her foot in her mouth. Then the lies began for both George and Cindy. One after another. Constantly misleading the detectives on the case. Cindy, George, Casey and Lee told so many lies I didn't know how they kept them straight! My head was spinning from all the lies they attempted to get away with.

We never gave up hope that "maybe" the nanny really did kidnap Caylee. That all changed and our hearts were broken when her body was found tossed in the woods like a piece of trash. No child should ever be treated so horribly. It takes a cold hearted, mean spirited person to do something so callous.

It's true we shouldn't judge one another. WELL when you have the facts right in front of you it's difficult not to! Innocent until proven guilty should have an additional clause that exempts common sense cases. The time will come when she will pay the price for what was done. How she can sit in the courtroom during the hours of juror selection truly baffles me. She must have numbed her brain to any feeling of emotion whatsoever. How she has kept quiet about the truth for this long is inhumane. I believe justice will be served, if not by the judicial system then by a higher power.

DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion. If for some insane reason Casey is found not guilty I WILL NOT apologize to her. I will still consider her a selfish, spoiled "mother" who needs a good ass-whooping!!!


It's been one week since the Casey Anthony trial has began. In a nutshell it's a circus and Jose Baez is tossing peanuts to the jurors. His defense tactics are a huge failure. He's attempting to place the blame on Caylee's grandparents George and Cindy Anthony. In my opinion it's not working. His inadequacies as a defense attorney are being proven to the jurors and the viewers on a daily basis. Casey is guilty but even a guilty person deserves a good defense team. The lack of remorse on Casey's behalf completely baffles me.

How could anyone be as cruel as she is and continue to torture your parents who have done so much for you? I have a strong feeling that Jose is going to try for an insanity plea but that will NOT work. She's obviously far from insane. There is no cop-out plea for a habitual liar except life in prison with no chance of parole or the death penalty. Even if Caylee's untimely death was purely by accident and not intentional she should have come clean from the start.

And the EMMY goes to Casey Anthony

UPDATE: June 9, 2011: Oh Casey were the court proceedings really so awful for you today that the trial had to come to an abrupt ending? Are you truly sick or are you suffering from consciousness of guilt? Was that trip to Puerto Rico that you wanted to take with your friends REALLY more important than your daughter? Was taking your daughters life really worth it? Cindy couldn't babysit but couldn't you ask someone else instead of killing your daughter?

Do you realize how many lives you effected with your act of selfishness? Whatever ailments are effecting you today are nothing compared to what will effect you for the rest of your life. Why not just admit your wrongdoing and end your suffering now. How can you just sit there and listen to day after day of testimony and not show any emotion unless it pertains to yourself?

I'm actually feeling a bit sorry for you and because of that I'm not liking myself right now. You don't deserve my empathy and I will get over it very quickly. You need to come forward and end this circus. Do it for your parents and brother who will never recover from this horrendous act of horror that you've brought into their lives. Reality has slapped you in the face. It's not going to get any easier. Do it Casey, do it now. Admit the truth. Unleash the beast.

And the drama continues...

UPDATE: June 11, 2011 Seriously Casey you had your daughter's body in your cars trunk for 3-5 days before you callously disposed of her body in the woods! During this time you had friends in your car as you drove around and partied. Unbelievable how you could just sit at the defense table while the expert witness expressed these facts and you were emotionless. What planet did you come from? What planet are you from? You simply disgust me.

Not Guilty?

Update 6-27-11 Casey did you seriously think you would be declared incompetent. Three, yes THREE medical professionals declared you competent. We all saw your facial expression, you know the one you gave to Mason....the look of death....but when you remembered the cameras were watching you, you regained your composure and went straight back to the blank stare. Ugh what planet are you from? You are competent! You can NOT plead insanity! You knew what you were doing when you did it and YOU must pay the price.
Update 7-5-11 Today is Day 2 of deliberations. Casey you look very tired and upset. I'm beginning to feel pangs of empathy for you again BUT as usual I'm sure they will pass. Why did you allow this situation to get to this point. I wish you would have taken a different route three years ago. Your family is suffering so much, it breaks my heart. I know deep down you feel some guilt but you won't admit to it now or maybe ever.
You are the most detested woman in this country right now. I bet you never thought you would be so popular is such a negative way. Who ever thought that July 4th, 2011 most of the country would spend waiting to hear if your verdict would be read. I wish you luck are a human being and you do feel emotions, you must be so lonely on your planet. I don't wish the death penalty for you. I do wish you would just confess your mistake.
Your daughter was a beautiful child who was so loved and deserved so much more. Her untimely death didn't need to turn into such a circus. It's so disrespectful. When I watch my 4 year old granddaughter play basketball with her YMCA team....I see Caylee in their faces and it's so bittersweet. It's so very sad. Free yourself Casey from within.

VERDICT: NOT GUILTY? Come on Casey even you don't believe that, do you?

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