Sunday, October 28, 2012

Casey Anthony Trial Addicts


You knew you were addicted to the Casey Anthony trial when...

Unless you have been living under a rock you obviously heard of the Casey Anthony trial. You might not have followed the Trial Of The Decade, but many people did.
Those of us who are die-hard followers are referred to as addicts. We wanted all the details.
With modern technology we were able to follow the trial via TV, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, media social groups, among many other ways.
I've compiled the responses I collected when I posted this question on my Facebook, Twitter, texts, email and so on.
I was interested to hear what others had to say. How did we get so involved in this trial?
What makes us so curious and in awe of the daily proceedings?
Each of us had our own reasons. We all had our own opinions. We all continue to want Justice For Caylee.
Feel free to post why you were addicted to the trial in the comment section below.

Casey Anthony trial addicts respond...

1. You begin to think your car trunk smells - Linda K.
2. You have vivid dreams you've cracked the case only to wake up and realize evidence proves otherwise ... maybe tonight. - Sunshine
3. You turn on every TV in every room while cleaning so you don't miss anything. -SUE
4. You start referring to the legal players as JB - JP - CM. -Sheri
5. When the waiter screws up your order at dinner and you demand a MISTRIAL! - Fred
6. You start to chat with a hashtag (#)! - jeannietheswede
7. When you get mad because your video went out and your CNN app. is not streaming for same reason. - jeree
8. When you ask your wife for a sidebar. - desertdawg
9. When your dog wants to go out and you say OBJECTION! - houla303
10. I know my wife is addicted when I call her from work and she says call me back during RECESS! - The husband
11. You break to go to the beach but still follow on Twitter. - ewstuart
12. Call a timeout for your kids a SIDEBAR! - leslieabravanel
13. You just realized your wife left you two weeks ago. - freakingannoyed
14. You are looking at Twitter feed instead of playing angrybird! -kaf71
15. When you clear your day to watch the trial and they recess early and you have to find something to do! -twitfan
16. When you live on the west coast and set your alarm to 5:30 am to watch east coast feed. -Heyitsashley77
17. You carry your laptop to go pee.- Dianna H.
18. You come home from work on a short break because you can't get the internet to work on their network... - Kathy G.
19. When you sit in front of the Computer and have it on T.V on mute... - Amy T.
20.You join Judge Perry's FB group to keep updated with the trial and meet fellow addicts - Linda B.
21. Your kids are having Spongebob withdrawals - Jennifer G.
22.You get in trouble at work for no being able to do your job during court hours. :) Hasn't stopped me though! -Elizabeth B.
23. All you talk about is the trial. - Theresa V.
24.You feel you could more effectively represent Casey (though who'd want to?) - Matt L.
25.If you want to bust a perfectly good TV when you see her damn face! -Sam H.
26.When I return to the house at lunch break at 1:30 PM without taking my cell phone for the time while doing farm chores. -Michael & Patty
27. When you wish Judge Perry would toss his gavel at Baez and it would bump off of his head and get Casey! BAM...BAM! - tooshyyy
28. When you call your doctor and cancel the appointment made a month ago and say "I'll call you at another time to reschedule". - Courtney A.
29. When you go to downtown Orlando on a sunday morning to take pictures of the courthouse and surrounding areas to post on your Facebook to share with friends. - Sunshine
30. When you take your computer to bed and watch streaming. Then go to work and watch Jane, Nancy, Dr. Drew, Judge Jeane and Geraldo for bits of the day you already watched. Leslie T.
31. When I wake up earlier than normal to watch the trial. Then watch HLN all night after the trial is over just in case there is anything I may have missed, Then take my laptop to bed with me to check status updates in case there is something I may have missed during the trial, or HLN!!! I was guilty once of taking my laptop to the bathroom during a pee break. No joke! -Chris Neville
32. When you yell at the TV "GO BABY" TO Jeff Ashton..... - Dianna H.
33. You have ass indents in your couch cushions and Frito-Lay is calling to confirm your chip order! -Kimberly L.
34. Your husband asks you to make pigs in the blanket and you puke at the thought! -Christina C.
35. You seriously consider rehab to help battle the addiction. - LSK
36. You take a shot everytime Baez is overruled. - Marybeth P.
37. When you can't shower or make dinner until the trial is adjourned for the day! - Kristin B.
38. Your Christmas card list has Judge Perry on it - Kim L
39. Your husband whispers "Sustained" and "overruled" as sweet nothings and you LOVE it! -Michele B.
40. When you originally take a "staycation" so you can get things done around the house and then find the only real time you have is 12:00 - 1:30 PM and that is to go to Wal-ly Mart World! -Robert Dea
41. You setup a Facebook page for the Judge. -Judge Belvin Perry (unofficial page)
42.Your wife makes you do everything because she might miss something in the trial and when you get done she rewinds it so you can see it...most often it's Baez getting outclassed and out lawyered by Ashton. -Cuda Marc Mitchell

Wow I am impressed with how many comments I've received so far! I'm sure there are more of you who have something to add so feel free to add your comments to the section below. You can sign in as a guest or not. All opinions are welcome.

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