Sunday, October 28, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Jose Baez Annoyed Us

The majority of us were fascinated with the Casey Anthony Trial Of The Decade. We were interested in what move the prosecution or defense will make next. Most importantly we want Justice For Caylee.

We were mostly intrigued with the Defense Attorney, Jose Baez. He confused us and made us wonder as to what his next move would be. We were in awe of some of the questions he asked the witnesses and how he could confuse himself enough to strike his own question.

I've begun to wonder as to whether he was playing us, but that would be giving him to much credit. He was doing his job as a Defense Attorney....he was defending his client.

Granted we all know Casey Anthony was guilty as sin, but seriously if she actually paid for her defense she should demand a REFUND. We all have our points of view and opinions regarding this trial.

I asked ten trial follower friends of mine for their opinions on what intrigued them about Jose Baez.
Feel free to add your opinion below. Who knows maybe Jose will read this and learn something new. In the meanwhile let's all hope justice prevails and the jurors do right by Caylee.

UPDATE: You didn't win. Justice For Caylee was not served!

Top Ten Reasons .....

10. He intrigues me because he took on a capital murder case with no experience whatsoever, now he has to put taxpayers money where his mouth is! - plumloco415(R.I.P. Gangsta Granny)

9. I'm amazed at how he can blatanly lie and seem to convince himself that what he's implying is actually the truth! I wonder if his planet will allow him to return OR will they say "No Way Jose" stay where you are!?!? - TrialNut

8. Baez does not intrigue me at all other than his stupidity. - Kat

7. All I can think of was the little old lady asking "where's the beef?" while Baez was asking the defense witness "where's the blood!" Jose, since when is there blood with a drowning? - SUE P.

6. In my opinion Jose Baez couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag with or without a sidebar! -Jane

5. Jose intrigues me because: He messes up so much I have to watch to see what neandrathal thing he will do next! I have to watch because I have to see how many times he pronounces peoples names wrong, how many times he asks for sidebars, how he treats people on the stand, how many times he asks Judge, can I just have a minute? and I could go on and on! He intrigues me because I can't wait to see what stupid thing he will do next! - Chris

4. I feel he was transparent from the start of the trial. I find him amusing since he's always flustered and not sure what to do next. - Mich

3. I'm interested in what his thinking process is OR if he even has one. Does he even think before he speaks? - Dave

2. I don't put it past him to blame himself for the crime just to win the case! - Silvia

1. His holier than thou attitude intrigues me. He really thinks he knows it all and has this case in his back pocket. His childish demeanor is an embarassment to our legal system. His cocky attitude to Judge Perry is very unprofessional. For the life of me I don't know how JP hasn't tossed his gavel at him yet! Could JB possibly be that clueless and really think he has a chance of winning? - Sunshine

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