Sunday, October 28, 2012

Casey Anthony Trial and Legal Jargon Story

The Jury Is In.....

Recently I was ACCUSED of being mean and it momentarily stopped me in my tracks. I am all for FREEDOM of speech and for not being a JUDGE to another's opinion. I believe we all have a voice that needs to be heard and we all have something to say. I would not PROSECUTE one person's opinion or point of view because we are all unique. I have no problem with negative feedback and I'm not attempting to DEFEND myself. I do have a problem with someone referring to me as a mean person. I can call in many EXPERTS who could ARGUE this CASE on my behalf.

I've written a few blogs regarding the Casey Anthony TRIAL Of The Decade. These articles are for entertainment and educational purposes only. Not that I'm a LEGAL EXPERT but as previously stated I am a John Grisham fan. I didn't expect a SIDEBAR and a need to explain myself. Readers of my articles can TESTIFY for that fact.

Some of my writings include group participation and have many comments and opinions. Never did it enter my thoughts that I was disrespecting Caylee's memory. She was a child who was born to a selfish mother. Any woman can have a baby but it takes a real woman to be a mother and I have many WITNESSES to attest to that.

I intentionally avoided including any wording or context that had to do with Caylee's MURDER. As a mother and grandmother I could not imagine this traumatic event occuring in my life. My heart aches for Cindy, George, Lee and Caylee. Not for Casey, at all. She sits at the DEFENSE table with her smug expression like she's the VICTIM but we all know the facts and hopefully the JURY sees through the abundance of lies.

We all know this trial is about Justice For Caylee. We all react differently and that's not against the LAW or reason for a LAWSUIT. We express our emotions in the way we are accustomed. We might express anger and yell at our TV's or whichever item of technology we are using to keep updated. We might find solace within a group of peers with laughter. Yes laughter does temporarily ease the pain but we never forget what brought us together and we still feel sadness for Caylee.

I am opinionated, I like to share my thoughts and emotions. I like to laugh and since when is that a CRIME? I believe it's good for the soul. I know when and where to draw the line. I won't go into DELIBERATIONS for my opinions. I appreciate all points of view. There will be no need for an APPEAL! I have since then taken a RECESS, dusted myself off and I am now back on track again.

I have considered PLEADING INSANITY due to some of the TESTIMONY of the DEFENSE but I've come this far I plan on sticking around until the GUILTY VERDICT is read.
UPDATE: Verdict was shockingly Not Guilty which doesn't mean Innocent! Very sad day for many thousands of people. Justice For Caylee will come in due time.

Negative Comment:
If you could see that poor little girls body in the trunk and smell the decomposition would you still be addicted? You're making her death into entertainment, that's sick.

My Response:
We are in no way at all disrespecting the memory of Caylee. We are in no way making her untimely death entertainment. Casey Anthony has taken care of that for all of us. If she would have come forward 3 years ago this circus of a trial with it's ringleader Jose Baez would not be going on and the world wouldn't be aware of the dysfunctional Anthony family. We are addicts because the defense team and Casey has brought us to this point. We are all heartbroken over Caylee's death. We want Justice For Caylee and in the meanwhile we will continue to bash her murdering mother and her bozo lawyer.

Disclaimer: Unless you have read my other blogs you might take this article serious, it's all in fun. Laughter is contagious. Thank you for taking the time to read them. -Sunshine

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