Sunday, October 28, 2012

Casey Anthony: What will she do now? A new look?

This article was written when Casey Anthony was released from jail. She's now released from probation...

Back by popular demand another Casey Anthony article. We all could use a bit of humor while going through withdrawals of the Circus Trial Of The Decade. Now that Casey Anthony has her freedom most of are wondering, what she will do next?

Some of us couldn't care less. We all want to put this travesty behind us and move on and wait for karma to take the reins.
In the meantime I've compiled some suggestions as to what Casey could do next.

Feel free to add your suggestions or recommendations in the comment section.

Visit Jaron van der Sloot and convince him to tell her what really happened to Natalie Holloway. After leaving Joran she could make a pit stop by OJ's cell and find out the truth about Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. They are three of a kind, maybe they could swap confession stories. She could also possibly get advice as to avoid karma trailing behind her.

Ask for Tony's phone number and actually get it this time. All I can say to this is RUN! TONY! RUN!

Shop for an assortment of ruffled blouses with collars since they obviously bring her luck.

Deactivate her My Space account and join Facebook. Twitter only allows 140 characters which would be a struggle for her with all her lies. Forget about Google+ they probably have her blocked from receiving invites.

Read my blogs that I wrote in her honor.

Apply for a job at Universal Studios since she already basically knows the layout of the park.

Take a spelling class so the next time she performs searches she'll find the correct word the first time around.

She'll need a new tattoo to celebrate her new BEAUTIFUL LIFE. Hmmmm. "Cash cow" is an option since that's all you are to your legal team.

Get fixed?!?!? Enough said.

Purchase a new eyeliner, possibly Avon Glimmersticks....feel free to shop my website!

Enter as many hot body contests as possible in order to make money to purchase those eyeliners.

Open up her own checking account (stealing is a crime Casey) even worse is stealing from your friends and family.

Try NOT TO LIE. Anything is possible (remember the verdict). She could imagine herself as pinocchio and every time she lies her nose will grow, just a suggestion but it might help.

Sign up for an acting class JUST IN CASE you should ever see a courtroom again. We saw right through your facial expressions during the trial even though the Pinellas 12 might not have.

If she should come across any money...WHICH by the way whoever pays her for a story is pond scum......I suggest taking the jurors on a cruise. I think they earned a nice treat.

To earn some extra cash you could play Monopoly and bet the other players that you will get the "Get Out Of Jail Free" card each time you play...cha ching, she'll be rolling in the cash!

I hear the circus is always looking for a new act....Bozo can join you!

Heads up: Stay AWAY from Nancy Grace! On second thought invite her on the juror cruise also, you two might get along or go overboard....just a thought.

Disclaimer: I along with my readers plead the fifth should CA get into a jam while attempting any suggestions offered in this article.


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